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Puppy Kindergarten
For puppies 2 to 6 months of age


A 6 week small group class where you will learn how to communicate with your new 4 legged best friend! We will focus on relationship building and focus through training games and exercises.

House training, impulse control, recall games as well as the beginning stages of some obedience behaviours will be the focus of this class.

Learn the basics of how to meet your new puppies needs while getting a head start on behaviours and how dogs learn!

6 weeks  |  $250

Start dates with Stephanie:

June 28th - class full

September 27th - class full

(please note, these classes are non refundable within 2 weeks of class start date)


Elementary Skool

This is a basic level class, where you will learn how to connect on a deeper level with your dog. This class is perfect for adolescent dogs, adults, recent rescues, or if you are wanting to brush up on your basic manners.


We will work on impulse control, calming techniques, house manners and the beginning of how to have a polite dog out in the world.

6 weeks | $250

Start Dates with Stephanie:


June 28th- class full

September 27th- class full

(please note, these classes are non refundable within 2 weeks of class start date)

People and dogs

Private Lessons

Our Pet Manners package will include 3 x one hour 1 on 1 sessions. Instruction will be from CPDT-KA certified trainer Stephanie. She will discuss with you what your training goals are, and help you achieve those goals by creating a lesson plan specifically tailored to you and your dogs needs.

3 Private Lessons | $400

Offered Thursdays at 6:00pm

​ Pet Manners could include:

  • Obedience behaviours such as sit, down and stay

  • House Manners

  • Jumping

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Recall

  • Starting a new dog on the right path

  • Puppy Support

  • House Training

For any questions regarding private lessons, or if you are unsure if private lessons are right for you and your dog, please contact Stephanie at:

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