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Shopping notes

If you would like to order please click below to find the selection of products we currently have in stock.  Once you place your order, you will be able to pick up the next business day.  Payment can be done over the phone, upon pickup, or through e-transfer to  A pick-up time will be arranged so the order is ready to go at time of pickup.

If the product you are looking for is not currently in stock, please email us at and we will add it to our order list.  Please note we can not guarantee a delivery date with the currents difficulties in shipping and production being experienced across the country, but we will let you know as soon as it arrives or help you find a more readily available product.


***No returns will be accepted at this time***


PLEASE NOTE:  You must fill in ALL the options for the product (protein, size, with/without veggies before it shows if the product is available.  If you can not select it, then it is not currently in stock.

Instructions to order: 

First, select which brand of food you would like to order by clicking on one of the images below. 

Example: If you would like to order Carnivora food products, click on the Carnivora image below.


Then you will be able to select protein source, with or without veggies, size, and quantity from the drop down menus.

If something is out of stock or unavailable at the moment- the option will be there, but you will not be able to select it for purchase until it is back in stock.

We will then contact you when the food order is ready to be picked up.

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