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I have a young puppy, how old should the puppy be before I bring it in for grooming?

the puppy should have a minimum of two sets of vaccinations. It is our policy to keep all young puppies away from other dogs at all times to ensure safety. It is extremely beneficial for dogs that will require grooming throughout their lives, to have a puppy trim or puppy groom early on  to get used to the grooming procedure. We always make sure to put in lots of attention and affection!

my dog is badly matted, what do you suggest?

Depending on the coat type of your dog, we may be able to remove the mats by using a mat breaker. This tool will separate and release a clump of hair that is forming the mat. If this is not possible or the matting is too severe, we may not have any other options then clipping down your dogs coat so you can start fresh and grow a healthy coat all over again. We have to make sure that at no time your dog's health or well-being is compromised during grooming. The dog's needs always come first!

What is all included in a complete groom?

A complete groom includes all the extras without any extra cost!Hair trim or clip to your specifications,  full brush and comb out, a bath with the shampoo most suitable for your dog's skin and coat, conditioner if desired, hand held  blow drying, professional hand scissor finish or styling, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed if needed, and nail trim (clipped or dremel).  At the same time we will have our hands and eyes on  your pet for an extended period of time, and may be able to pick up on health concerns. You will receive a report on all treatment and any concerns if noted.

why do you want to have my pet for three hours for a complete groom?

Experience tells us that every pet we work on must have an opportunity to relax during the grooming process. If we worked on your pet nonstop for an hour and a half to two hours, your pet would be very stressed. This is not healthy for your pet and not safe for us as groomers. Therefore we break down the grooming process in 6 steps and your pet will have an opportunity to take a little rest break for five or 10 min. in between these steps:
1) your pet is brought in and assessed , details marked down.
2) your pet is placed on the grooming table and what we call: “roughed in”, this is where we take off all the excess hair, prior to bathing, to prevent us from having to dry that hair after a bath and then cut it off later.
3) the bathing process: we select the correct shampoo for your pet and give it a nice massaging spray and hand  bath with fresh clean water set at just the right temperature. We do not use the Hydro surge process, since that uses recycled water. While in the tub, your pets anal glands are checked to make sure there is no problem. When necessary, we will express them externally.
4) Blowdry and complete comb out . We hand dry and thoroughly brush and line comb  all pets. We never use cage dryers to completely dry your pet. We do occasionally place a fan on the pet during a break period. For instance when the weather is hot, we may use a cooling fan, if the weather is cold we may use a slightly warming fan. Comfort of the pet is of great importance to us.
5) your pets ears will be checked and if needed cleaned, your pets nails will be clipped or filed ( dremelled)
6) the finishing groom is the last step in the process. Whatever styling or trimming your pet requires to make it look and feel fantastic.

can I drop off my pet earlier than the appointment time?

Most of the time it is no problem if you wish to drop off your pet early. We may not be able to start grooming your pet until your actual appointment time. We always recommend you give us a phone call before hand to make sure this does not create any problems with our schedule.

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